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Licensing Made Simple

We offer plenty of different licensing options for commercial & non-commercial usage. Our micro licensing options are a great choice for anyone wishing to integrate our music into their projects regardless of budget. Please see below for some examples of different micro licenses we offer. For all commercial & non-commercial licensing enquires please reach out to us at

Monetised YouTube Video £14.99

If you are looking to use our music in your next YouTube video then you'll need this license.


Not looking to monetise your video? You can use any of our music for free, however, please be aware that you will receive a third-party matched claim on your video which you must not dispute. You will not receive a copyright strike but will get ads placed on your video.

Social Media Bundle £24.99

This license is perfect if you are going to be using our music in content that will be posted on multiple social media platforms with a one-off payment.

Only looking to use one social media platform? Not to worry, we can also provide a license that covers usage on just one social media platform for £9.99.

Podcast £129.99

Want to feature our music in your new podcast? This license will enable you to use a piece of our music however you'd like throughout your entire podcast series.

Personal Use £0.00

For any non-public use or personal listening of our music, we are happy for you to download and enjoy our music for free.


Note: Please make sure to come back to us and purchase a new license if you wish to use the music you downloaded commercially or non-commercially in the future.

Book Trailer £199.99

Are you an author looking to promote your latest release to the world? With this license, you can add maximum impact to your book trailer or author portfolio, showcasing your work in the best way possible.

Photography Bundle £39.99

For photographers who create, epic time-lapses, slideshows, wedding videos & real estate walkthroughs. This is the bundle you're looking for to showcase your amazing skills with a camera.

Student Film/ Film Festival £49.99

Looking to score your student film or non-commercial independent film with music from us? We can make that possible! Just grab one of these licenses per track you wish to feature and away you go.

Live Stream/ Twitch £14.99

For use of our music in one live stream video and the archived version of that stream.

Crowdfunding Campaign £79.99

Working on a crowdfunding campaign and need music for your video or slideshow? Grab this license.

Small Business Website £199.99

For small businesses with income less than  £1 million annually who need music embedded into their website.

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